Can mediation solve your dispute?

What is meditation?

Mediation is a process that encourages people who are in conflict to explore options together to reach a mutually acceptable agreement without involving the adversarial legal system.

In many cases mediation can provide a more effective solution than legal action and/or the courts. Mediation provides the following benefits:

Community Mediation Services

Community Mediation Services provides assistance to people living throughout South Australia.
Our services are free, confidential and unbiased. Assistance is provided in neighbourhood and other community disputes.

Community Mediation Services can assist by:

All cases are considered and referrals made where necessary. An interpreter can also be arranged.

Why choose mediation?

Like to know more?

Community Mediation Services


Community Mediation Services operates offices throughout the State of South Australia, including:

Contact Details

Phone (08) 8350 0376
Alt phone 1300 850 650
Fax (08) 8350 0378
Postal Address PO Box 167

Community Mediation Services are also available to talk to interested groups and offer training and education in conflict resolution.